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Website Developer: Interested To Be One?

So, in digital industry there are web designers and website developers but ~~ what’s the difference between these two jobs, aren’t both jobs involve developing and design a website?

There difference is that website developer is leaning more towards the technical while a web designer more on aesthetics of a website.

A website developer will have to make sure everything single functions on the website is working as it intended, from sliders to widgets. If there are any technical issues or changes to be made, a website developer will be on the case.

What Are The Skills/Tools Needed To Be A Website Developer

First thing first, you must have in depth knowledge in programming languages and there is more than one language you have to know. The basic languages you should know or at least have heard of; JavaScript, CSS, and HTML which often used in web or application development, of course, each functions use different programming languages. Also, as a website developer you must be proficient in using these tools; text editors, command line interface and version control.

But this doesn’t mean that a web designer can skip this knowledge. If you are to be a web designer you need to at least have basic knowledge on each programming languages so that you know the technical limitations for your creative layouts. Like i mentioned, you only need to know the basic, you don’t have go so far in depth to a point of understanding how each code works. A web designer priority should always be the layout and aesthetics are users-friendly, meaning it will be easy to be use by visitors/users.

Aspiring To Be A Website Developer?

Now, if you want to get hired as web developer, you need to have a solid portfolio showcasing your previous works. The thing is with web developer is that you won’t be using the usual on papers, but you will using GitHub.com to showcase your coding works. Through GitHub you as a developer can demonstrate how translate the codes to be elegant and readable to the other developers. You also can use AWS (Amazon) and Heroku.com at times to display static websites and applications you have created.

By showcasing solid portfolio of your previous works, the chances for yourself to be hire by an agency or a client will be higher. So if your portfolio states that you know more than one programming language, means that your ability to create websites or applications is not limited to one single platform. That is why you should learn and understand different programming languages and it’s code.

This is pretty much what it takes for you to kick off or climb higher in your career as website developer. You better be prepare to work hard since the field has become very competitive in recent years, so you need to stand out from the rest and do something new. No pressure, eh?

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