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Web Redesign Best Practices For 2019

Analyze the state of your current website.

Do you really need a huge website redesign? Or maybe just a few tweaks? Before taking on huge steps on this matter, you need to know analyze the data from your analytics platform. It’s also helpful to run a user testing experience.

Build a new web content plan.

Content will always be king. This is one of the most important things you must focus on alongside the overall layout. What type of content do you want to include? What is it that your customers is looking for? Before finalizing your plan, survey your customers first, and gather data from analytics.

Communicate to your team.

Every web design project is a collaboration between clients, developers, designers and stakeholders. Communicate all of your ideas with your team, even from the very beginning. Bringing each staff member in a brainstorming session is beneficial, since every person’s opinion matters a lot.

Manage all the disruptions.

Each project has its own challenges and setbacks. At some point, you will encounter some problems. These issues can surely impact you deadlines. Learn how to manage them well.

Own the web design project.

You may be juggling lots of things now, but you still need to prioritize your web design tasks. Give it utmost focus, so you the entire process would become a much smoother and faster.


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