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Web Design Trends to Try in 2019

Web Design Trends to Try in 2019

There are many design trends to be pursued, but these 8 trends are the most famous and need to be checked out in this upcoming 2019, the Web Design Company is also racing in the same line.

Slants and Diagonals

It is possible to design lots of amazing details with CSS3. At this modern age, grid layouts are much easier to create. More and more designers are building unique layouts with crooked page sections and diagonals.

A technique that follows this trend is the use of some hexagons and other diagonally-shaped components.

Typographic Animations

Typographic animations is an amazing trend bloggers and business owners can try this 2019. If you are familiar with JavaScript, then you can manipulate letters and manipulate them. This is an emerging trend, featuring text animations on bigger landing pages and creative websites.

Additional Support for Widescreen Displays

Responsive design is the future of the digital landscape. However, desktop browsing is far from over. When creating a website, it is best to design it with both smartphones and desktops in mind.

3D Button Effects

The popular ghost buttons and flat buttons will still rule 2019. These trends have been around for a few years now, and blends perfectly with the material design language of Google.

3D buttons will also become part of the trend this coming year. The bottom part of the button will be a lot darker than the primary color, so it appears like the button is raised off from its page. Once you click it, the entire button sinks down. This is a viable substitute to the flat trend.

True Accessibility

Try your best to incorporate dynamic features in your webpages. Below are some examples:

• Modal windows
• Ajax-powered forms
• Dropdown navigation menus
• Photo slideshows

Flexbox and CSS Grid Layouts

Two trends that will grow this 2019 are CSS grids and flexboxes. If you choose to work with flexbox, this simply means working around a flexible box model where all the internal containers fit in their parent container. All of these depends on CSS rules.

Microinteractions on the Web

You can easily incorporate basic animation in your webpages.

Do you want more focused features? Then, explore microinteractions that come from mobile applications. It functions like animated responses to every user’s behaviors. If a user hovers or clicks to animate a certain button, the microinteraction feature would react accordingly–in a realistic manner.

“Featured In” Badges

You often see this trend on sales landing pages and corporate websites. Badges play a significant role in social proofs. Of course, you would want to feature your most brilliant coverages and reviews.

Are you looking for an alternative to this useful trend? Incorporate “used by” badges. This means including logos of big brands on your webpages, proving to your target market that you are credible and trustworthy. However, instead of incorporating badges from news coverages, you will add those badges from major businesses that utilize your products.

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