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Trends in Mobile App Development that Can Benefit Mobile Product Managers

2019 is already here and with every passing year, we can expect new innovations and trends in the mobile app development industry. App development companies should adhere to these trends so that it helps with customer retention, as well as helping them refine their business models. That being said, mobile product managers, in turn, can also benefit from these development trends and I will highlight some of them in this article.

The Benefits of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Product managers can make use of both virtual and augmented reality technologies to provide their users with a glimpse of their products without it actually being physically present at this time. For example, if you are selling clothes, you can use the aforementioned technologies to help emulate clothing that will fit your customer’s body- giving accurate measurements along the way. This can help people visualize how they will look in these clothes and will more than likely commit to purchasing it in the process.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an evolving technology that brings with it a slew of technologies and features that will allow app developers to create more robust applications. That being said, artificial intelligence can be used to create chatbots and virtual assistants. Siri is one of the best examples of this.

You can use Siri as a means to know the current weather, who won the basketball game last night, as well as allowing you to set reminders- all without typing it manually using your smartphone. Product managers can benefit greatly from AI implementations because it allows them to collect data from their customers, thereby giving them the information they need to improve their services across the board.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

In 2015, Google has announced that they are going to be refining their search engine optimization parameters in a way that favors websites with mobile capabilities more than standard websites. That also means that when a user happens to access your website using their smartphones and mobile devices, it needs to still load optimally using the said devices.

In order for you to do that, you will need to incorporate the Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is a technology that will improve page loading speeds when done using a mobile device. So, how will this benefit product managers? Well, they can tell app developers to design an app for their brand that loads pretty quickly, thereby improving the user experience. When people are given a pretty good experience, then you can expect them to be coming back for more.

Improved Wearable Apps

In this day and age, there are already plenty of wearable devices that can be connected to a person’s smartphone- furthering its already existing feature set. For instance, people can use their smartwatches to read text messages whenever they receive them. In 2019, product managers will be able to utilize wearable devices to help them manage and track their daily workload and to give timely updates to their customers, especially when a new product arrives.

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