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Easy Tips to Help You Choose the Best Watches for Men

A watch is one of the only acceptable accessories that sophisticated men can wear on
any occasion. That is why if you are looking for the best men’s watches, it is important
that you choose the right one.

You see, most of the time, people just look at the style and be done with it. Although
technically, you can wear any timepiece that you want; not all watches are fit for every

For instance, wearing a bulky G-shock watch might be great for outdoor activities as its
rugged construction is made for such, but it might not be the most ideal when it comes
to formal events.

If you are going to buy a watch soon, you’ve come to the right article. I will go over
some easy tips that will help you choose the best watches for men, so do stick around
until the end.

What is Your Lifestyle?

The first thing that you have to consider is your lifestyle. Are you a corporate person that
goes to formal meetings on a frequent basis? Or are you the type of person that only
does casual things.

Your lifestyle can actually help you choose the most appropriate watch for your use-case.

Ideally, if you want a watch for more formal events, a dress watch or a timepiece that
doesn’t take too much attention from the suit you are wearing would be ideal.
For more active people, a sports watch or a field watch is preferred since both of them
have a rugged construction and perfect for people who sweat a lot/do more.

What is Your Job?

The next thing that you need to think about is your job. If your job allows you to dress
casually, then you will not need a formal watch. Just about any watch will do so long as
it fits your wrists.

However, as I’ve said earlier, if you frequently go to formal meetings and functions, a
more subdued dress watch is more appropriate.

Find One that Fits Your Wrist

There are important considerations when buying a watch. Aside from your job and
personality, you also want to buy a watch that actually fits your wrist. I have two tips for
you with regard to this.

First, make sure that the lugs of your watch actually fit your entire wrist. The lugs are the
ones that protrude a little bit and are responsible for holding the straps in place. These
should not exceed your wrist.

Second, look at the circumference of your watch (assuming that you are buying a round
one). Make sure that it fits your wrist as well without going way overboard.
The reason why you want everything to fit you is that it is quite unflattering if you either
buy a small one or even a bigger one for yourself.


For the most part, you do not have to exceed $1,000 on a watch simply because there
are so many different options that are out there that are either half or a quarter of that price.

Again, this is pretty subjective as $1,000 might just be chump change for you. I am just
putting it out there because the price can indeed be something worth considering when
buying a watch.

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