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Blog Article Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Low-contrast elements

If there are details you want to emphasize, make the key phrase a lot bigger compared to the main text by around 10 to 15 px. You should let the key phrase stand out from the rest of the details.

2. Putting an empty space between 2 full-screen images

Are you using two full-screen blog images in a sequence? Then, avoid leaving a bit of space between the two of them. This border will still be visible. There really is no need to add more elements.

3. Too many typography styles

Do you want to earn money through blogging in Malaysia? Well, you need to know how to captivate your audience, and capture their attention instantly. One of the techniques you can try is to use beautiful typography on your platform. Just don’t put too much styles! Just use it to highlight subheadings and headings.

4. Using too much design accents

Different design accents work really well if there are very few of them. Putting a lot would surely affect user experience negatively.

5. Putting the headline too close to the image

A blog headline is a remarkable, individual design element. Thus, it must not sit too close to a blog image. How to position it well? Set padding at a maximum of 60px. Then, add a subhead. This will unfold all of the page’s content, and place the emphasis on the right elements.

6. Writing long, solid copy

A huge wall of text can make reading a lot of difficult to understand. For easier navigation, introduce breaks, and split the paragraphs by using an image or a key phrase.

7. No logical order

Contrasting must be utilized to establish a strict hierarchy, and visually divide various levels of text. Main headings must be the most prominent ones on a web page. Subheads, meanwhile, must be smaller but still visible.

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