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Affiliate Marketing 101

Do you want to step up your blogging game? Becoming part of an affiliate marketing network in Malaysia is an excellent strategy for both newbie and professional bloggers who are looking for additional income. There are plenty of affiliate marketing options available for you, depending on your goals. Below are some tips that can help you start.

1. Create quality content regularly.

Without good content, you wouldn’t be able to sell affiliate products. Turns out, this is easier said than done. Coming up with a truly resourceful and brilliant content takes a lot of effort and time. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas online that you can incorporate in your content marketing strategy. Search for interesting blog post ideas online that can capture the attention of more readers.

2. Don’t forget to disclose your affiliation.

It’s crucial for every affiliate marketer to put an affiliate disclosure statement on all web pages with affiliate links. Keep in mind that this is a strict requirement from the Federal Trade Commission.

3. Upsell in a subtle way.

Upselling is a popular sales technique wherein the seller encourages the purchase of a more expensive package. Now, how can you persuade your customer to buy an upgraded version of the product, or purchase more add-ons without annoying them? Make sure to do in a very subtle way. This is a secret weapon to gaining more affiliate sales.

4. Practice efficient search engine optimization techniques.

Just like with any other blog post, you need to use SEO strategies to make yourself more searchable on search engines. The skyscraping tactic is another good way that can help you rank for many keywords naturally. You can do this by looking for interesting content online, and creating your own version of it. In fact, you can even make it so much better compared to the original.

5. Promote only those products you yourself would buy.

If you have no plans of buying and using a mountain bike that your affiliate company sells, then don’t feature it on your website. It would be very difficult to convince people to buy something if you yourself is not interested on the item. Promote only those affiliate products that you are interested in.

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