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6 Surprising Baby Safety Hazards that You Should Know About

Your baby is your source of pride and joy and you will always do things to ensure their safety at all times. Just like when you are buying plastic baby milk bottles, you want to make sure that you buy those that are BPA-free.
That being said, there are other safety hazards that you need to be aware of and in this post, I will talk about some of the more surprising ones.

Latex Balloons

Babies and toddlers are really fond of balloons. You will know what I am talking about when they see someone carrying some of them. Anyway, back in 1973, there were 110 children that have choked to death due to blowing or the chewing of some latex balloons.
According to Mariann Manno, an associate professor of clinical pediatrics, latex balloons are the worst because they can conform to your child’s throat and may completely hinder their ability to breathe air in.
If you absolutely want to buy your child some balloons, go for the Mylar balloons instead. Aside from that, you should always keep an eye on your children, especially when they are playing with balloons.

Kitchen Ranges

Children are still learning about their immediate environment. They are squirmy, they move around a lot, and they may even go to places that can be too dangerous for them.
That being said, poorly-installed kitchen ranges can cause problems, especially if your child thinks of climbing the oven. In fact, there were numerous cases that were reported having children be doused with scalding water because the kitchen range was not installed properly.
The good thing is that manufacturers are now required to include anti-tip brackets when you buy a free-standing kitchen range.

Soft Bedding

In an attempt to make our babies feel cozy when sleeping, some parents might use soft bedding on their cribs due to that reason. Well, by doing so, you are putting your baby at risk because it can actually suffocate your baby when they’re sleeping in a certain way.
To avoid this from happening, never use soft bedding in their cribs. Instead, you can put a firm mattress that is covered with a tight-fitting mattress pad. Furthermore, you do not want to put comforters, pillows, or soft toys in the crib as they can pose a risk of suffocation as well.

Secondhand Baby Items

Now, I am not saying that you should never accept hand-me-down items from your siblings or close friends, but what I am saying is that if you do accept them, make sure that you inspect each one for any damages.
You see, some items may have missing parts or are broken and could potentially inflict harm on your baby without you knowing about it. Therefore, if you are going to accept hand-me-downs, make sure to inspect each one of them thoroughly.

Bath and Baby Oils

There are some bath and baby products that contain liquid hydrocarbons and may pose a serious health risk to your baby. It may lead to irreversible lung damage, pneumonia-like symptoms, and may even lead to death.
As a safety measure, make sure that all of these bath items are out of reach of your children. You also want to buy baby oils that are known to be safe on kids.

Power Windows

Power windows can be a godsend for adults because everything can be controlled using only one hub. However, it can be dangerous to your kids who have the knack of putting their heads over the windows and putting their hands on there as well.
To keep them safe, you may want to disable the power window operation on their side so that even if they fiddle with the control, they will be unable to manipulate it.

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