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5 Tips Every Architecture Student Must Live by

Clear your head.

Even the most successful architects from top architecture firms in Malaysia take time off. You don’t need to take a break from school to go for a long vacation. You just need to clear your head from time to time. Go for a walk with a friend or. Run. Work on your projects alone. Clear your head each time you need it.

Be positive.

Architecture school is challenging and overwhelming. It’s part of the journey towards success. Never dwell on pessimism. This is the perfect time to motivate yourself, and enjoy the learning experience. In turn, you can also inspire others. Connecting well with people while in school is beneficial, most especially if you want to improve your networking skills.

Draw and take down notes.

When you are on a lecture, being critiqued, or just enjoying a simple conversation with a professor, don’t forget to take down notes. There are tons information and pieces of advice you wouldn’t want to miss. If you want, you can keep a journal where you can also do some architectural drawings.

Sharpen your basic survival needs.

Architecture is one of the most challenging careers ever. You need to leverage not just on your creative skills, but on technical skills as well. Many architecture students pull all-nighters just to meet their deadlines. This is “normal” for students, but don’t let your brain shut off on you. Sleep must still be part of your daily routine. It will help you recharge, and be more productive.

Learn through your determination and passion.

Architecture is not just a school. Consider it as an amazing experience that can contribute to career success. Some projects may be difficult, and some professors can be annoying, but never think of architecture school a burden. Let your passion motivate you.

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