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5 Best Centrally Located Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

How will you find the best things and tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur? Well, one thing you can do aside from looking it up on Google would be to actually go to a tall place in the middle of the city.

Fortunately, there are numerous hotels that are centrally located that will give you the best vantage points in the area so that you can find what you want to do when you are in the place.

It is also worth noting that Kuala Lumpur has the best escort girls in Malaysia so be sure to try it out for yourself when you are in the area.

That being said, what are the best centrally located hotels in Kuala Lumpur?

Shangri-La Hotel

The first hotel happens to be neighbors with the Petronas Twin Towers, which is one of the best tourist spots in the area.
That being said, the hotel is great inside and out. When you look at the hotel from the outside, you will see it is surrounded by trees and its architecture pretty much speaks for itself.

The same theme can also be seen inside as you will be greeted with lush greenery and the theme is going to be consistent all throughout.
This is definitely a hotel that you want to get into because it not only gives you a great view of the city; it also has amazing services as well.

Mandarin Oriental

This hotel, which is situated just 4 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and just 5 minutes away from the infamous Suria KLCC Shopping Centre, provides you with yet another view of the city.

Because this hotel is centrally located, you can rest assured that you get to have the best view of the entire city; all while you’re taking a de-stressing session by the pool.

Concorde Hotel

The Concorde hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the area, but do not be fooled by its age. If I were to describe the hotel using one word: it would be wine. That is because this establishment has stood the test of time and it continually provides some of the most amazing hotel services in Kuala Lumpur.

It is located just near the Petronas Twin Towers and what I love about its location is the fact that it is also near the Asian Heritage Row, which is an area where people hang out at night.

Oasia Suites Kuala Lumpur

If you want a hotel that is just near the Kuala Lumpur Tower that also provides you with amazing services, then the Oasia Suites Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is for you.

It offers you a 24-hour front desk that is ready to provide you with all of your needs and they have the best laundry and dry cleaning services available in the area.

Grand Millennium

The Grand Millennium hotel is a glamorous one that boasts of 468 guestrooms and suites to suit your tastes. It is located in Bukit Bintang and it is a walking distance away from the famous Shopping Malls Pavilion and Fahrenheit 88.

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