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7 Tips for a Mobile Friendly Website Design

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Mobile-Friendly Website Design: 7 Helpful Suggestions

Are you thinking of redesigning your website for your new web design company? Then, don’t forget to make it mobile friendly for those who usually access websites through their gadgets. Below are seven points to keep in mind when designing websites based on mobile design standards.


Focus your users’ attention towards call-to-action buttons.

CTAs are one of the most crucial features of a website. They can influence users to complete some actions, on your favor of course. Whether you want to subscribe to a newsletter or add a new product to the basket, you need to make call-to-action buttons accessible for every user.


Focus on brand continuity.

Brand continuity is an essential part of today’s digital marketing campaigns. It’s important that all your graphics, color schemes and logos are viewed properly even on mobile. This is a great trust signal, and should be maintained all throughout the campaign.


Understand the concept of usability.

Usability is one of the most crucial parts of a mobile website. Of course, why would users spend time on your pages if it’s not functioning efficiently? If they need to zoom and pinch the pages in order to read everything, then navigating the page would take a lot longer.


A responsive website is not the best answer at all times.

Depending on the look and feel of your current website, you may want to develop a responsive theme to adapt to all kinds of browsers. However, creating a separate mobile website also has its own benefits. Whatever route you want to take, make sure to do adequate research. Find the best solution in accordance to your brand’s needs.


Study UX and mobile website design trends.

The digital world is constantly changing. Every now and then, new trends are emerging, and you need to leverage on those if you want to be successful. One of the most common trends that you can take advantage of? Simplicity and minimalism. The lesser the distractions, the more users can consume your content.


Understand all of your users’ needs.

In order to understand the needs of your users,  you need to dedicate many hours of research. Look at the mobile pages of your competitors. What features do you want to incorporate? Are there elements you want to replicate in your own website?


Define your content’s layout for better cross-platform compatibility.

Lay out your content in an aesthetic, logical way. Take note of the following as your primary considerations:

  • Avoid annoying popups.
  • Navigation should be dynamic and fluid.
  • Make sure that your font styles are legible.
  • Include easy-to-press, large buttons.
  • Blog posts should be laid out in a compelling, fashionable way.


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